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Conductores de electricidad Conductores de electricidad Conductores de electricidad


lement that conducts the electric current and can be of various metallic materials. It can be formed by one or more threads.


Insulation: Coating that envelopes the driver, to avoid the circulation of electric current outside the conductor.

Filler layer: Insulation material that wraps the conductors to maintain the circular section of the assembly.

Cover: It is made of materials that mechanically protect the cable. Its function is to protect the insulation of conductors from the action of temperature, sun, rain, etc.


Classification of the electrical conductors (Cables), according to the voltage level


Very low voltage cables (up to 50 V).

Low voltage cables (up to 1000 V).

Medium voltage cables (up to 30 kV).

High voltage cables (up to 66 kV).

Very high voltage cables (above 770 kV).

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