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Transformador de corriente Transformador de corriente

The transformar:

The transformer is an electrical device that consists of a cable coil located next to one or more coils and used to join two or more alternate current circuits (AC) taking advantage of the induction effect between the coils.

The coil connected to the power source is called the primary coil. The other coils are called secondary coils. A transformer whose secondary voltage is higher than the primary is called a transformer lift. If the secondary voltage is lower than the primary, this device is called the reducing transformer. The product of current of voltage is constant in each set of coils, so that in an elevator transformer the increase of voltage of the secondary coil is accompanied by the corresponding decrease of current. Transformers are used at home, where it is necessary to increase or decrease the voltage that is imparted by the company that is distributing the electricity to them, in addition serves to solve many electrical problems.

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